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Sponsor A Kiddush

TDK Kiddish Sponsorship Levels 

Thank you for sponsoring a TDK kiddush. This is a great way to support the shul and bring the community together. 

We are grateful to be renting space from BMH/BJ. In accordance with our rental agreement, we are subject to the logistics and kashrut policies of BMH/BJ which are reflected in the TDK Kiddush practices and pricing.

  • Level 1 TDK Kiddush Sponsorship: $165   + cost food you purchase
    • $100 donation to TDK 
    • $65 fee to Vaad 

Consult with the TDK Kiddush Committee to create your own special kiddush. The TDK Kiddush Committee will provide ideas and an extensive list of Vaad-approved items. You will also be provided information about shopping, delivering, storing, and preparing your kiddush items. The TDK Kiddush Committee will oversee the preparation and provide set-up and clean-up support on the day of your event.  

  • Level 2 TDK Kiddush Sponsorship: $365
    • $100 donation to TDK 
    • $65 fee to Vaad 
    • $200 worth of food items

The kiddush Committee will shop for $200 worth of standard packaged kiddush items. The Committee will provide set up and clean up on the day of the event.  

(Sample $200 Standard Packaged Kiddush: herring, crackers, chips, guacamole, vegetables, fruit, cookies, cold brew coffee) 

  • Level 3 TDK Kiddush Sponsorship: $500 (subject to change based on food items)
    • $135 donation to TDK 
    • $65 fee to Vaad 
    • $300 + worth of food items 

The TDK Kiddush Committee will create a unique and fun kiddush comprised of packaged store-bought goods for your special event. The TDK Kiddush Committee will shop for a minimum of $300 worth of food items and prepare, set up, and clean up your kiddush. 

  • Level 4 TDK Kiddush Sponsorship: Hire a TDK Approved Caterer 
    • Caterer fee: (To be discussed with your caterer) (Serving and clean up crew fee)
    • $100 donation to TDK 
    • $65 Vaad fee 
    • 1 day usage of BMH/BJ Kitchen – free
    • Each additional day of BMH/BJ kitchen usage - $65 
    • Hire an approved TDK Caterer for a special more extensive kiddush. 

Please reach out to the TDK Kiddush Committee to check if your caterer is on the TDK-approved list. Two caterers on our list include: 

Josh Drexler: 303-956-5339     Albert Cohen: 303-263-4755

Wed, March 22 2023 29 Adar 5783